Monday, May 30, 2016

Deceased Military in My Family Tree ~ In Remembrance

Barkhouse, Norval  1943-1970; U.S. Navy, Machinery Repairman, 2nd, Vietnam War.
Barkhouse, Phillip B. 1941-2002; U.S. Air Force, Vietnam War.
Boucher, Augustus  1923-2013; U.S. Army, WWII , 27th Division, 102nd Engineers.
Boucher, Joseph Thomas “Clete” 1913-2001; U.S Navy, WWII, USS Rutland.
Boudreau, Joseph Irving  1913 - ?, U.S. Army, WWII.
Boynton, David P.  1831-1863; Pvt., Co. B., 50th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment.
Budrow, Edward Payne 1928-1997; US Navy, Seaman 1st Class, WWI & U.S. Army, Cpl., Korea.
Cilley, Joseph 1734-1799; General, & State Senator, 1st and 2nd New Hampshire.
Corcoran, David Conners  1842-1916; U.S. Navy 1863-1864, Seaman.
Fortunado, Joseph  1916-1998; U.S. Navy, Hospital Medical Corpsman, WWII.
Francis, Wilfred Anthony  1914-1994; U.S. Army Air Force, WWII.
George, Reynard Alison  1914-1979; U.S. Army, WWII.
Mahoney, Francis Patrick  1923-2001; U.S. Army, WWII.
McClary, Michael  1752-1825; Captain at Bunker Hill, Burgoyne, Monmouth.
Morse, Herbert Boynton  1918-1964; U.S. Army, WWII, Corporal, Batt. A, 344th Field Artillery.
Morse, John Robert  1920-1966; U.S. Army, WWII.
Palmer, Thomas H., M.D.  1924-2009, U.S. Navy, WWII, Korean Conflict.
Parkhurst, George  1844-1914; U.S. Army, Civil Way, Pvt., 50th Massachusetts Infantry.
Parkhurst, Waldo Kenneth  1894-1920; U.S. Army, WWI, Sgt. 1st Cl., Co. B. 101st Engineers.
Pratt, Ralph Witham  1918-2004; U.S. Army, WWII.
Pratt, William J.  1907-1930; U.S. Coast Guard, Motor Machinist 2nd Class.
Roberts, Frederick Franklin  1870-1924; U.S. Navy, Spanish American War, Philippines.
Roberts, Isaiah  1841-1925; U.S. Navy, Civil War.
Rowell, Abram M.  1837-1900; U.S. Army, Civil War, 2nd New Hampshire Infantry.
Rowell, Martin P.  1835-1892; U.S. Army, Civil War, Pvt., Co. E., 2nd New Hampshire Volunteers.
Saulnier, Robert Daniel  1943-2005; U.S. Air Force, Airmen 2nd Class, Vietnam.
Shaw, Richard Winfield  1927-1985; U.S. Army, WWII
Spittle, Charles, William  1921-1987, U.S. Army, WWII
Spittle, Donald Edwin  1921-1995, U.S. Army, WWII
Spittle, Jacob E., Jr.  1929-1995; U.S. Air Force, Korean Conflict.
Steele, Dana Allen  1891- ?; U.S. Army, Captain WWI.
Steele, Frederick Lincoln Jr.  1899-1939; U.S. Army, WWII.
Steele, Frederick Cilley  1897-1975; U.S. Army, WWI.
Steele, Richard Andrew  1913-1995; U.S. Navy, WWII, Boatswain’s Mate 1st Class.
Stubbs, George Parkins  1924-2013; U.S. Army Air Force, WWII, B24 Pilot.
Sullivan, John  1740-1795; Continental Army, Commander in Chief & Governor of New Hampshire.
Swain, Elbridge Lyman  1829-1863; U.S. Army, Civil War, Pvt; Co. E., 11th Infantry,  N.H.
Taylor, Joseph Osborne  1914-1996; U.S. Army, WWII.
Taylor, Norman George  1917-2001; U.S. Marine Corps., WWII, Technical Sergeant.
Tobin, John Joseph  1921-1996; U.S. Army, WWII, Sergeant.
Webster, Albert Joseph  1879-1961; U.S. Army, Spanish-American War, Pvt., Co. C, 1st N.H. Inf.
Wilson, Wallace  1909-1972; U.S. Army, WWII.
Witham, Benjamin Franklin  1842-1900; U.S. Army, Civil War, Pvt., 2nd California Infantry, Co. E.
Witham, Daniel  1977-1960; U.S. Army, Spanish American War, Pvt. 7th Artillery, Co. L.
Witham, George Edward  1907-; U.S. Army, WWII.
Witham, Henry Lewis  1919-2007; U.S. Navy, WWII, Radioman, Petty Officer 2nd Cl., USS Liddle.
Witham, Leslie Saunders  1923-1999; U.S. Navy, WWII, Seaman.
Witham, Raymond William  1914-1994; U.S. Army, WWII.
Witham, Sidney  1862-1951; U.S. Army, Coporal, 8th Massachusetts Infantry, Co. G.

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